Glass Artist

Ruth Oliphant

Ruth Oliphant is an artist who uses the medium of kiln formed glass. She is interested in place, memory and perception and uses the imagery of the built environment as a vehicle to explore these ideas.

She is currently making works about the interaction of light with internal spaces and uses the window as a theme to explore how the changing light throughout the day interacts with these spaces. These pieces also talk about the internal space within all of us and how it also changes throughout the day. Ruth Oliphant commenced her studies in architecture before changing to a Bachelor of Arts (Visual), majoring in glass, at the ANU School of Art in Canberra, graduating with Honours in 2008. She has exhibited and been awarded residencies both in Australia and internationally. In 2014 she received an Endeavour award to travel to Berlin Glass, Germany and Bullseye Glass in Portland, USA. She has had three solo exhibitions at Beaver Galleries as well as showing at SOFA Chicago multiple times. She was recently a finalist in the Hindmarsh Prize in Canberra.