Ruby Berry

Ruby Berry is an emerging sculptural textile artist. Ruby’s practice explores ideas of protection, comfort and containment through textile associations and sensory engagement. She uses traditional, natural materials combined with hand spinning and weaving to create contemporary crafted objects.

Ruby graduated with First Class Honours from ANU School of Art in 2014. Since graduating, her work has been selected for Talente in Germany and the Wangaratta Textile Award and was mentored throughout 2015 by Megan Jackson as part of the ANU EASS Mentorship Award


1. Circle, 2015. Beeswax, wool, cotton, wire. 38cm x 48cm x 26cm. Photographer: Brenton McGeachie

2. Variations of Form, 2015. Beeswax, cotton. Dimensions variable. Photographer: Brenton McGeachie

3. Triangle Weave, 2015. Wool, wire. 38cm x 160cm. Photographer: Brenton McGeachie

4. Woolly Vessel, 2015. Wool, beeswax, cotton. 20cm x 20cm x 9cm. Photographer: Brenton McGeachie