Precipice | Annika Romeyn

Images | Annika Romeyn Chasm 2 2017 monotype on paper 228cm x 168cm

Annika Romeyn Solace 2017 watercolour on paper 150cm x 100cm

Annika Romeyn Chasm 1 2017 monotype on paper 228cm x 168cm


Precipice is a solo exhibition of new work by Annika Romeyn. The work began with a Bathurst Regional Gallery Hill End Residency (Nov 2015) spent walking and drawing outdoors in Golden Gully. Annika experienced a surreal landscape bearing the scars of colonial mining – raw and damaged, yet intriguing and somehow transcendent. It is a place that has continued to transform in Annika’s memory, imagination and ultimately in her drawings, prints and paintings.