Peter Alwast

Peter Alwast’s practice takes form as a series of relations between paintings, prints, 3D animation and film works, which borrow and translate from each other invoking a range of personal and political mediations about institutions, social fragmentation and community.

Peter Alwast’s work is held in public collections in Australia and the United States. Alwast’s practice employs a range of media including video, computer graphics, painting and drawing. In 1999, Alwast was awarded a Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarship and since completing his Masters in Fine Art degree from the Parsons School of Design, New School University, New York in 2001, he has exhibited nationally and internationally. In 2013 Alwast undertook a residency and solo exhibition in Videotage in Hong Kong. In 2011 he created a solo exhibition Future Perfect at the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane and his work was seen in the group exhibition Experimenta Utopia Now traveling to MONA, Tasmania as well as Selectively Revealed in the Aram Art Gallery, Seoul, South Korea. In 2010 Alwast’s video animation work Everything received an honourable mention in Update III, at the Liedts Meesen foundation in Ghent, Belgium. His drawing work Trees, Waterfall, Back won the Jacaranda drawing award at Grafton Regional Gallery. In 2008 he was the inaugural recipient of The New Media Art Award, hosted by The Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane, Australia.

Image Details:

Plumbers who work at night, 2018, collaged giclee prints, hessian, glitter paper, oil pastel, pumice gel, string, 60 x 40 cm, Photographer: Brenton McGeachie

Distant doggie, 2018, collaged giclee prints, hessian, oil pastel, 45 x 57 cm, Photographer: Brenton McGeachie

Doorway and Meteorite, 2018, collaged giclee prints, hessian, oil pastel, 62 x 62cm, Photographer: Brenton McGeachie

Once Upon a Time, 2018, oil on hessian, 35 x 45cm, Photographer: Brenton McGeachie