Curated by Caren Florance and Jen Webb. Featuring Caren Florance, UK Frederick, Katie Hayne, Nicci Haynes, Sarah Rice, Jen Webb and Jordan Williams.

Wednesday 24 August – 11 September 2016.
Opening event: 6pm Wednesday 24 August.
Reading event: 6pm Tuesday 6 September. ‘Material Poetics’ a poetry reading related to the exhibition, with Melinda Smith (MC), Sarah Rice, Jen Webb and Jordan Williams. See here for further details:

Poetics: theories of literary making, forms and discourse
Material: the physical, rather than the stuff of thought; the matter out of which objects are made

Material Poetics  explores how poetry can inhabit the heart of visual art practice, and how visual and material energies can animate poetic practice. Seven artists (three of whom are poets) present what the concept of ‘material poetics’ means to them, resulting in a cross-disciplinary investigation of the ‘thingness of things’ (Heidegger) and the performativity of language.


  • Courtesy Caren Florance
  • Nicci Haynes, Poem, 2016, glass, liquid
  • UK Frederick & Katie Hayne, Talking to Strangers, 2016, reclaimed graffiti, dimensions variable