Keith Marshall

Born and raised in Braidwood NSW, Keith Marshall is a bicycle frame builder who works in steel and other metals. He studied a myriad of seemingly unrelated subjects at ANU including Engineering, Biology, Philosophy and Gender Studies. By force of curiousity and conviction he began teaching himself how to build bicycle frames in 2010 and began a mentorship with Darrell Llewellyn McCulloch a few years later. He now has his own practice at ANCA MItchell where he continues the near dead craft of framebuilding with modern direction and materials.

Image Details:

Handmade RADdonneur bicycle, steel, paint, bicycle components, photographer Adam Lee

Craftsman with his bike, prototype RADdonneur in testing, photograper Dan ‘Gypsy” Licastro

Unbuilt bicycle, steel and brass



Instagram: @kumocycles