Installation Artist / Painter

Amarie Bergman

Amarie Bergman concentrates on reductive/non-objective and conceptual art in her practice.

The simplicity of geometric patterns can create language that defines light in space. For Bergman, this language of light – lingualumina – is centered on several related series that pay homage to site-mapping, concepts of physics, chemical symbols, literary texts having metaphysical underpinnings and/or colours.

Latest group exhibitions include curated projects at Anita Traverso Gallery/AT_Salon2 (Melbourne). Le Salon des Realites Nouvelles (Paris) and Factory Art (Berlin). In the past six years, six solo shows have taken place: in Sydney at Sydney Non Objective (SNO), Quadrant Bearing, and Factory 49, The Golden Eternity and H; in Paris at ParisCONCRET, C and The Rosey Crucifixion; and in Melbourne at Five Walls Projects, Neo Violet.

Bergman’s artistic evolution was recently documented in an interview with Sand T. Kalloch on artSPACE.

Image caption: exhibition view at At_Salon2, Melbourne 2015 (left to right): N, acrylic and pastel on canvas, 152 x 202cm; Finite Volumes of Dark Energy in Infinite Space, 2014, laser-cut acrylic objects, seven 9cm cubes and two oblongs 9 x 5 x 9cm and 9 x 3 x 9cm; Quadrant Bearing II, 2011, acrylic and graphite on canvas, 152 x 202cm. Image by Shannon Morris.