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1 august 2012
12 august 2012

An exhibition of paintings based on the theme of windows, by the Women @ Work painting group.

The theme has allowed them scope to reveal their world through a lense, to capture an imagined world or to frame a piece of reality that has appealed to their senses. They state " we have explored windows as blocking, opening, revealing, partitioning and framing. Perhaps we see a world that is partly closed off but still allows us access. We see things at a glance or in the longest stare. We have painted not just a hole in a wall, but a host of possibilities".


Women @ Work is a group of 15 local experienced and emerging painters whose work explores and experiments with the painting process. They regularly attend art workshops which provide them with opportunities to discover fresh approaches to their painting practice. The diversity of its members provides a stimulating environment which encourages individual development and maintains continual appraisal of and advancement in their work. They are committed to the ongoing strengthening and promotion of their art practices and have held a number of very successful exhibitions.

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Blaide Lallemand
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1 Rosevear Place, Dickson ACT 2602
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