Setting up your visual art practice at ANCA gives you access to well designed studios, spacious gardens, a diverse community of studio artists and ANCA’s exhibition program.


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Affordable, Professional Studio Space.

ANCA minimises studio rental fees to maximise your time in the studio. Each studio is a blank slate with a sink, lighting, high ceilings and a concrete floor, for you to customise to your unique visual arts practice. These studios are set up with professional artists in mind:

  • 24 hours access all year round,
  • long-term, 3 year leases,
  • studios from 32 to 100 m2,
  • rental $274.39 to $832.03 per month,
  • roller door or double door access, and
  • a community of over 40 committed artists surround you.
Cooperative, Supportive, Creative Environment.

As an ANCA studio artist, you are vital member of this artist-run-space. ANCA has a high and respected profile within the Canberra arts community. ANCA studio artists contribute to the ANCA board and specialised committees, care for the purpose built studios and gardens, and open up to the public for our popular annual Open Studios.

The Selection Process

Decisions are made by the New Tenants Committee on whether an applicant is suitable for a studio at ANCA. The New Tenants Committee consists of up to five tenant members. Efforts will be made to include on the interview panel a mix of male and female, Dickson and Mitchell campus representatives as well as artists from a range of artistic disciplines.

The New Tenants Committee will consider each applicant against the seven selection criteria and will make its decision about suitability on that basis. Applicants must therefore address the criteria in their application and be prepared for questions about those criteria.

Applicants will be advised in writing following the interview whether they have been successful or not. This does not mean an immediate guarantee of a studio, as there is a waiting list, which varies in length from time to time. When a studio does become available the Arts Administrator will assign the studio to someone on the waiting list, based on the type of studio available and position on waiting list.

Start Studio Application

Studio Applications

Applications are welcomed at any time of the year. Please completed an online application via Curator Space. Click the Start Studio Application button above, you will be redirected to the ANCA Curator Space profile :

  •   Look for Visual Art Studio Space under Current Opportunities,
  •   Click Apply,
  •   Register to create a free profile with Curator Space,
  •   Verify your profile then continue to fill in and submit your application.


The application includes:

  • Ÿ  An artist statement, outlining concepts and research area, processes and artistic medium
  • Ÿ  A selection of nine images of work from the past two years with full description including media and size. Each image should be less than 1MB
  • Ÿ  A detailed curriculum vitae
  • Ÿ  At least two written referees’ reports. At least one of these should be a financial reference, attesting to the applicant’s capacity to pay studio rent
  • Ÿ  A written statement addressing each of the seven selection criteria, as outlined below, please address each criteria separately:
  1. Demonstration of professional art practice
    As evidenced by an artistic biography detailing professional achievements e.g. completion of relevant studies or training, years devoted to art practice, exhibition history, awards, prizes, sales and commissions. Photographs of recent work, submitted C.V. and referees reports will be viewed as evidence of statement.
    Note: expectations will be adjusted according to whether the applicant is an emerging or an established artist.
  2. Demonstration of commitment to art practice
    As evidenced by the applicant’s plans for exhibitions, new bodies of work, research proposals, grant proposals, clear goals or directions for art practice over next 2-3 years, referees reports, proposed time commitment in studio.
  3. Demonstration of optimum use of studio
    Weekly studio usage as evidenced by past practices and planned workload. Other commitments (e.g. work commitments, travel plans, study commitments and place of residence) which may influence the applicant’s use of the studio need to be raised by the applicant.
    Note: ANCA tenants are not allowed to use the studio for residential purposes, and use of the studio largely for storage purposes is regarded as an unsatisfactory use of a valuable resource.
  4. Demonstration of capacity to pay studio rent
    As evidenced by statement of confidence in meeting rent on a regular basis, good rental history elsewhere and/or a good record of mortgage repayment. Please include a financial referee report in your application.
    Note: Failure to pay studio rent may result in ANCA revoking the licensing agreement.
  5. Demonstration of need for a studio
    As evidenced by reference to the adequacy of the applicant’s present working situation, clear statement of space requirements, other specific requirements, cost considerations.
  6. Willingness to participate in, and contribute to, the running of ANCA
    As evidenced by past contributions in other organisations, other voluntary work and a stated willingness to contribute to ANCA (eg. serve on specific ANCA committees, to stand for election as a Board member, to contribute to working bees, to contribute artwork and time to ANCA Tenant’s exhibitions).
  7. Compatibility with the ANCA community of artists
    As evidenced by references, applicant’s responses in the interview and willingness to be self-sufficient, practical and helpful in the cooperative studio environment. Any aspects of the applicant’s art practice which may adversely affect other ANCA tenants’ use of their studios needs to be raised by the applicant (eg. anticipated noise levels, use of toxic materials, likelihood of employing casual workers).

Please provide as much evidence as you can of each of your claims. Additional supporting material may be brought to the interview.