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Sara Freeman

The fascination with webs, white lines and weaving connects to an ancient image in Vedic and Chinese philosophies of an infinite net that makes up the ground of all being ...

Sara FreemanPainter

The fascination with webs, white lines and weaving connects to an ancient image in Vedic and Chinese philosophies of an infinite net that makes up the ground of all being. Chinese philosophy speaks of a shining jewel at every intersection of threads, each jewel reflecting every other jewel, but in it’s own nature inherently empty; not empty in our common sense of the word, more a spaciousness full of possibilities.

When I am painting, the mark making is about leaving traces of presence and contemplation. It is not descriptive of the philosophies but analogous. I work with old painting techniques that use fairly organic materials like saponified wax and egg tempera. I love their qualities, the surface, the luminosity and the slowing down of time required to work with them.



2009-2012  B. of Conservation and Cultural Heritage UC ACT

2002-2006  Australian National University School of Art (B.A. Hons.) Printmedia and Drawing ACT

1985-1987  Adelaide Conservatorium (B.Mus) Adelaide

1982-1983  Victorian College of the Arts Tech School Melbourne



2010           Charles Hewitt Gallery Sydney

                  Ivy Hill Gallery Wapengo NSW

2009           Ivy Hill Gallery Wapengo NSW

2008           Forty Five Downstairs Flinders Lane Melbourne

                  Red Gallery Nth Fitzroy VIC

2007           Ivy Hill Gallery Wapengo NSW

2000-2005   Beyond Gallery Cafe Bermagui NSW

2002           Ish Gallery Central Tilba NSW

1999           Spiral Gallery Bega NSW

1990           Nordmarkt Cafe Amsterdam

1989           Egg Cream Cafe Amsterdam



2011           Close to the Edge ANCA Gallery ACT

                  Wider than the sky - with Peter Jordan M16 ACT

2010           Blake Prize finalist NSW 

2009           Summoning the Rain - with Peter Jordan M16 ACT

                  Phoenix Prize finalist SofA Gallery ACT

2008           Alice Prize finalist Araluen Center NT

                  Six Ply - 2007 Residents Exhibition Megalo ACT

                  Work from a winter in Switzerland Foyer Gallery ACT

2007           Overstretched CCAS Manuka ACT

                  Domain Public Art project Alinga St ACT

                  Churchie Emerging Art Prize finalists Brisbane 

                  Intimacy- ANCA tenants show ANCA Gallery ACT

2006           ANU Grad Show SofA Gallery ACT


                  20 minutes of perfect happiness ANCA Gallery ACT


2005           Phoenix Prize finalist SofA Gallery ACT

2004           School of Art Drawing Prize (highly commended) Foyer Gallery ACT

1999           Bega Valley Artists (highly commended) Bega Regional Gallery Residencies 

1997-2008   Cuttagee Artists Group annual exhibitions Bermagui NSW



2007  Kulturwerkstatt. Schloss Haldenstein, Graubunden Switzerland

2007  Printmaker in residence Megalo Access Arts ACT

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