ANCA Critic-in-Residence


The A.N.C.A 2019 CiR Are….


Rebecca Blake

Rosalind Lemoh

Angus McGrath

A.N.C.A and Art Monthly Australasia are pleased to announce the 2019 CiR’s.

All of the selected arts writers will work the A.N.C.A and Art Monthly Australasia to produce several pieces of writing throughout their three-month term.



Rebecca Blake is a writer and curator based in Canberra. She recently completed a Masters in Art History and Curatorial Studies at the Australian National University whilst interning in the Australian Painting and Sculpture Department at the National Gallery of Australia. She has published articles in Artonview and other publications.


Rosalind Lemoh graduated from the Australian National University with First Class Honours in 2007 majoring in sculpture. She has received project grants from ArtsACT and NAVA and been shortlisted for award exhibitions including the Blake Prize for Spiritual Art (2008, 2018), ArtRooms London (2016) and Tokyo International Art Fair (2016).


Angus McGrath is a Canberra-based writer, curator, performer and artist whose interests intersect sound, queerness, film and subcultural studies. His writing practice works at integrating a personal perspective with academic concepts in experimental yet accessible texts.


Previous ANCA CiR Recipients

Oscar Capezio August – December 2018

Caren Florance February – June  2018

Chelsea Hopper 2016

Jessica Oliver 2015