Australian National Capital Artists Inc. (ANCA) provides affordable and professional studio and exhibition space to artists. ANCA is an artist-run initiative supporting over 40 artists working in 35 purpose-built non-residential studios. The studios range in size from 32 to 100 square metres with the option of shared or single occupancy. ANCA is a not-for-profit organisation financed primarily through income from studio rents which ensures the security of the tenancy and the autonomy of the organisation. ANCA is run by the tenants through a well-structured board, a range of specialised subcommittees and a paid administration.

In addition to the studios ANCA also has a gallery, with an exhibition program supporting emerging and established artists in a range of media. ANCA Gallery has operated since 1992 with the support of Australian National Capital Artists Inc. and the ACT Government. The ANCA Gallery has a quality and varied exhibition program that supports critical approaches to contemporary arts practice.

ANCA Gallery aims to:

  • Present a balanced program based on quality, variety and professionalism
  • Connect with local, regional and national communities
  • Support and promote visual arts and cultural development in Canberra
ANCA Constitution (pdf)